"The Ultimate Destination for all martial arts!"

My name is Sifu Alan Golderg and I have been hosting the largest hall of fame dinner for over a decade. The popularity grew tremedously after our first event drawing celebrities such as Cary Tagawa, Michael Jai White, Kevin Sorbo, Phil Morris, Chuck Zito, Cynthia Rothrock, Art Camacho, Michael Depasquale Jr., James Lew, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Dan "The Beast" Severn, Stephen Hayes and so many more. For a long list of our Guest Celebrities check out our Media Section.

I am honored that you are here with me, right here, right now and I hope you take the time to fill out our mailing list form below to join our long list of martial art enthusiasts. 


We are already scheduled
January 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2015
We had over 1200 people at our Awards Banquet
and over 4000 spectators for our Trade Show.
We also are proud to say we are the largest martial art
trade show in the United States.

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