[SBS Star] Ko Kyoung Pyo Lends Big Money to Ko Kyu Phil; His Warm Words Move Ko Kyu Phil’s Heart

Actor Ko Kyoung Pyo melted the heart of another actor Ko Kyu Phil with his warm action and words. 

On January 22, a new episode of actors Jung Joon-ho and Shin Hyunjoon’s YouTube show was premiered. 

In this episode, Jung Joon-ho, Shin Hyunjoon and their guest Ko Kyu Phil headed to a miyeok-guk (seaweed soup) place. 

While eating together, Shin Hyunjoon suggested Ko Kyu Phil try pulling the popular ‘borrowing money’ prank. 

He said, “I think it’s going to be fun to see who would lend you money. Let’s start low. Ask people around you if you can borrow like 1 million won (approximately 750 dollars) from them.” 

Ko Kyu Phil was a bit hesitant, explaining, “Not a lot of people whom I’m close to are rich. They’re rather quite poor.” 

He slowly went through his contact list afterward and said, “Okay, I’ll try it with Kyoung Pyo. I’ll ask for more than 1 million won.” and called him. 

Ko Kyu Phil

When Ko Kyoung Pyo answered the phone, Ko Kyu Phil started acting; he acted as if he was having a hard time asking him this question. 

Then, Ko Kyu Phil finally asked, “Can I possibly borrow 8 million won (approximately 6,000 dollars) from you? Something urgent has come up, and I need 8 million won.” 

Without asking him any questions about this issue that is ‘urgent’, Ko Kyoung Pyo said, “Okay, send me your account number.” making the three stars surprised. 

Ko Kyu Phil

Right after they hung up, Ko Kyu Phil received some messages from Ko Kyoung Pyo as well. 

Showing the messages to Jung Joon-ho and Shin Hyunjoon, Ko Kyu Phil commented, “Oh no! I think Kyoung Pyo believes there’s something serious going on with me.” 

Ko Kyoung Pyo’s messages said, “Tell me if you need more than 8 million won, okay? Seriously, feel free to ask. You just got married, and it’s normal for newlyweds to need money in the early stages of marriage.”; Ko Kyu Phil married his 10-year girlfriend singer-songwriter amin last November. 

Jung Joon-ho and Shin Hyunjoon wowed at Ko Kyoung Pyo’s caring words, and Ko Kyu Phil almost cried. 


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