[SBS Star] Don Lee Shares His Wife Ye Jung Hwa Suggested the Much-Talked-About ‘Buried Alive’ Photos

Korean-American actor Don Lee credited his wife model Ye Jung Hwa for the idea behind the widely-discussed photos taken ‘from the perspective of someone buried alive’.

On February 1, Don Lee’s recent press interview was published online. 

During the interview, Don Lee spoke about ‘from the view of someone getting buried alive’ photos that took the internet by storm a few months back.  

These photos were of Don Lee making cute poses in front of a camera, after creating a heart-shaped hole in the sand against a background of palm trees and a blue sky.

Don Lee uploaded these photos on his Instagram in the end of November, and the funniest comments were found under his post at the time.

Many people left comments channeling Don Lee’s iconic strong characters in his works, saying things like, “Oh, are you awake? Don’t worry, you’ll be buried soon. It’s not going to take me too long,” “So, you may want to tell me things that you know now,” “Are you still alive? Sorry,” “Yes, you’re currently being buried alive,” “Do you know what you did wrong now?” and more. 

Don Lee

About these photos, Don Lee said, “Most of the stuff that I post on my Instagram are my wife’s ideas. I always try taking lots of photos and videos for Instagram, but they often end up not being good enough to share.” 

Chuckling, the actor continued, “As for ‘sand heart’ photos, I honestly didn’t mean to seem like I was burying anyone alive. It was my wife’s idea. She was like, ”Sand heart’ photos are a thing nowadays. Why don’t you take them as well?’ I can tell you this. It was not easy to create the perfect shot.” 

He went on to say, “When I shared my ‘sand heart’ photos, I didn’t know what to write in the caption. So, I asked my followers if they could give me some ideas, and they came up with some of the most creative lines. I absolutely love them.” 

Lastly, he added, “I made one of the ‘sand heart’ photos as my official profile photo on websites; when people search my name, that’s the first photo they’ll see of me. This was my agency’s suggestion. I’ve been in this industry for like 20 years, but never taken any profile photos properly. So, my agency suggested, ‘Why don’t you make your ‘sand heart’ photo as your profile?’ I just went for it,” then laughed.

Don Lee

Debuted in 2004, Don Lee is widely known for his role in mega-hit crime-action ‘The Roundup’ movie series as a detective ‘Ma Seok-do’. 

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